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PT. Sepatu Bata Tbk.


PT Sepatu Bata Tbk. is a footwear manufacturer and a member of Bata Shoe Organization. The company produce a full range of footwear including leather shoes and sandals canvas built up casual sport shoes, injection molded sandals and slippers. The company’s licensed brands, next to our main brand Bata, include North Star, Power, Bubblegummers, Marie-Claire and Weinbrenner. Besides those consumer focused brands, PT. Sepatu Bata TBk. also sells Bata Industrials shoes for the business to business market.


Bata in Indonesia


  • In  1931, Established in Indonesia as a shoe importer.
  • In  1940, Commenced manufacturing as its present site in Kalibata, Jakarta selatan
  • In  1982, Listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange on March 24
  • In  1994, Completed the construction of  Purwakarta
  • In 2004,  Obtained General Importing and Distribution license.


Since our founding in 1894, Bata has been at the forefront of innovation; not only in the production and design of new styles, but in the creation of business models that permit a quick response to the ever-changing wants and needs of our customers. As a result, Bata enjoys a long history as a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality footwear, and proudly serves some one million customers each day. With more than 30,000 employees, 5,000 international retail stores, and a presence in over 70 countries, Bata is positioned to deliver an unparalleled combination of selection, quality, and service to customers around the globe.


Bata's reach is worldwide; its presence is local. Our novel international manufacturing structure allows Bata facilities around the globe to respond to the unique needs and wants of local customers. As a result, Bata is honoured to be a local company in every country it serves. Bata continues to be guided by the same core principle it has followed for over one hundred years: to know its customers and to create the best possible products to meet their needs.


For over 13 decades, Bata has been on the leading edge of footwear design. Today, professionals in Bata's Shoe Innovation Centres around the world continue the tradition of innovation as they dedicate themselves to discovering new shoe materials, developing modern shoe technologies, and creating fresh footwear that marries style with comfort.

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