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Every big dreams begins with a small step. Inspired by the minimalism design trend that extend the appeal of romantic aesthetic and occasion wear pieces.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. Wear Marie Claire to accompany you in achieving your dream. Emphasizing in comfort, easy-to-wear and versatile. From day to-evening flats to comfort heels.

Watercolor palette that balance delicate natural earth tones offering a grounded perspective in lighter shades.

Let’s make our dreams come true together!

The Staycation movement marks a new era that in line with the post covid-19. Home and office becomes borderless. Focus is shifted everlasting designs that will remain relevant across multiple seasons.

Collection range resonates  the key design components of comfort and durability. Slides to comfort-mules with statement accessories will create a post escapism look that will pair well with casual apparel.

A palette of natural colors, from pale neutral shades to black, these tones will creating safe haven feeling for your staycation in style.

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